Sumter’s Future Entrepreneurs Award Finalists

IMG_7317 (1)Sumter’s Future Entrepreneurs Award Finalists

The live judging event was a very successful culmination to the Sumter’s Future Entrepreneurs contest!  Although culmination sounds final, all involved are hopeful that each of the students who submitted business ideas will consider themselves winners with the award being the start of a plan!  The five finalists who presented last evening were very impressive:  organized, knowledgeable, professional, enthusiastic, and persuasive!  They each had a story for the why, which the judges found most appealing. Each of the five judges left the candidates with some inspiring words, expert advice, and even some tools to take their ideas to the next step.

Congratulations to the contestants and thank you to all of those involved in making this a very successful event.  Everyone is looking forward to next year!


The final ranking was as follows:

Gold Award – $1000 – Johnathan Bressette, SSHS, IFT Drones

Silver Award – $500 – Sophia Thornton – WMHS – Breath of Life

Bronze Award – $300 – Andrea Comer – SSHS – Hypnotizing Highlighters

Very Promising Award – $125 – Faith Grizzel – SSHS – Voluntold

Promising Award – $75 – Tristan LaMaire – SSHS – Bamboards