Wildwood Breaks Ground on Ashley Well Treatment Plant

Wildwood Ashley WellThe City of Wildwood is constructing a new 0.720 MGD water treatment plant at the intersection of County Route 231 and SR 44.

The treatment plant will consist of the installation of a vertical turbine pump, two 10,000 gallon hydropneumatic tanks, a control building, a sodium hypochlorite disinfection system, a chlorine analyzer, a back-up generator, 12” site piping with associated fittings, SCADA system, site fencing, a camera security system and an access driveway.

The contract was awarded to US Water Services Corporation for a cost of $776,997.50.

The current estimated completion date for the project is December 12, 2015.

This project will provide additional water supply and fire flow for the western end of the system along the SR 44 corridor.