City of Wildwood Upgrades Water Treatment and Waste Water Infrastructure



501/214 Construction Cost – $1,021,500.00

The 501/214 water treatment plant upgrades consisted of the construction of a new accessory building structure to be attached to the existing 501 pump house building. The project also included the repair, re-routing and upgrading of electrical components and infrastructure, the replacement of chlorine gas disinfection with a hypo-chlorination system, upgrades to the floor drains, and upgrades to the SCADA and security system and both plants.




Headworks Construction Cost – $478,082.00

The Headworks project consisted of the installation of one rotary drum screen, the construction of a new bypass line to allow for continued plant operation during construction, relocation of the existing aluminum stairwell, and widening the top of the existing headwork’s structure by constructing new aluminum catwalks on either side of existing platform. Additionally, the project included the installation of a service water booster pump, and the installation of one new influent flow meter capable of measuring peak flow rates.