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Enterprise Florida Export Assistance

Enterprise Florida Incorporated (EFI) is the state-level economic development entity for the State of Florida. EFI is a public-private partnership chaired by Florida’s Governor. EFI has 20 international offices, that aim to connect companies abroad with Florida’s producers. EFI will connect you with a professional network that speaks the local languages, knows the local demographics, and has valuable market data. This service is available at no cost to your business and can assist with developing export opportunities.

State Leaders Recognize September as Workforce Development Month in Florida

Governor DeSantis proclaims September as workforce development month in Florida. The Governor’s Office, state agencies, and workforce leaders are working hard toward their 2030 goal of making Florida the best state in the nation for workforce education. Since 2019, Florida has invested more than $5 billion in workforce education initiatives. Workforce Development Month in Florida is a time to celebrate the progress toward strengthening workforce education opportunities for Floridians. Click below to learn more about local opportunities for businesses and employees.

Proposed Bill Would Modernize H-2A Worker Program

The Farm Workforce Modernization Act proposes modifying the method for calculating and making adjustments to the H-2A worker minimum wage, specifying how an employer may satisfy requirements that it attempted to recruit U.S. workers, requiring H-2A employers to guarantee certain minimum work hours, making the program available for agricultural work that is not temporary or seasonal, and reserving a visa allocation for the dairy industry.

Are You Hiring?

Sumter District Schools’ Senior Hiring Fair
May 18th, 9:30am – 12:30pm
If you are currently searching for entry level workers, and are interested in providing job opportunities, please contact Casey Ferguson at (352)793-5719 ext. 54210 or