Business Ready – Business Friendly

Sumter County government, Sumter County schools, Sumter County Chamber of Commerce, large and small businesses, as well as agricultural and cattle enterprises combine to comprise a unique philosophical approach to self-reliant individual and business choices. Sumter offers a true commitment to the fundamental values of American business that are increasingly unique, not only in the State of Florida, but in the entire nation.


  • We support Sumter County’s business spirit.
  • We believe the Sumter County business spirit promotes job creation, creates stability and wealth for our families, our communities and our country.
  • We celebrate the values of industry, pursuing dreams, seizing opportunities and taking responsibility for our own destiny.
  • We salute Sumter County mentors for giving back to their community with their time, resources and talent.
  • We believe the ideas and storied experience of Sumter County businesses offers examples of what can be accomplished when individuals work together.
  • We know the execution of these self-reliant principles builds more and better businesses, more and better jobs and a higher quality county in which to live, work and play.


A Spirit of Cooperation

Sumter County has forged unique, innovative partnership agreements with its cities and the State of Florida, and gained broad-gauge, fast-track approval processing on “shovel-ready” development sites.

The county’s award-winning planning incorporates unique inter-local service agreements with its cities in order to eliminate redundancy and make public services a model of efficiency.




A Business-Friendly Strategy for Success

Sumter County has made manufacturing, distribution and agribusiness cornerstones of the county’s Strategic Economic Development Plan. Our targeted incentives, very affordable cost-of-living, fast-track permitting, Sales and Use Tax exemptions, and ad valorem tax rates that are among the lowest in the state, make Sumter County the smart “strategic” choice for your business.

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