Distribution Hub Advantages

Positioned at the apex of Central Florida’s economic triangle, Sumter County represents distribution hub advantages unique in the state. Major transportation arteries include Interstate 75, Florida’s Turnpike, US Highway 301, and State Roads 44, 48 and 470. In addition, CSX rail bisects the county from north to south. This natural confluence of transportation arteries and our close affinity with two international airports and four major seaports make Sumter County a truly ideal location for distribution operations considering regional or national product distribution.

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Sumter County represents a distribution hub unique in the state, strategically located at the crossroads of I-75, Florida’s Turnpike and CSX Rail’s main freight line.


Interstate 75 and Florida’s Turnpike
US Highway 301 and US Highway 27
State Roads 44, 48 and SR 50


Orlando International (1 hour)
Tampa International (1 hour)
Leesburg Regional (20 minutes)


Port of Tampa (1 hour)
Port Manatee (1.25 hours)
Port Canaveral (1.75 hours)
Port of Jacksonville (2.5 hours)
Port of Miami (4 hours)

Rail Service

CSX rail is an integral element of the Sumter County transportation hub. CSX’s S-line industrial rail runs the entire north-south length of the county, providing Sumter businesses major distribution advantages.

CSX currently rolls 15 to 25 trains per day through Sumter County, each pulling up to 90 freight cars, serving 23 states over their 21,000 mile rail network.

Market Access and Export Capabilities

While it’s true that Sumter County isn’t located directly on the coast, that’s been little impediment when it comes to our international trade. Interstates, rail lines and nearby ports provide an excellent network of transit points for your products, tools and imports. And as a bonus, our inland location is less susceptible to hurricane damage while also being significantly less expensive than a location directly on the Gulf or Atlantic coasts.

A number of export resources from counseling to financing also exist for distribution businesses in the County.


In an effort to help attract businesses within the targeted industries of manufacturing, distribution, and agriculture, Sumter County has approved and adopted a set of targeted business incentives for companies locating and/or expanding their operations in the County. Even with Sumter County’s advantages of a low and stable tax rate, low debt ratio and proactive business philosophy, you can still enjoy competitive incentives to help make your decision to locate in Sumter County even easier.

Expedited Permitting

Sumter County has forged unique, innovative partnership agreements with its cities and the State of Florida, and gained broad-gauge, fast-track approval processing on “shovel-ready” development sites.

The county’s site and building permit process can run concurrently in some areas submitted for consideration. Site and building permits an be issued within 21 days due to having the correct entitlements (no legislative hearings- administrative process only) to meet certain land and building requirements.

Industry Incentive

Sumter County represents a distribution hub unique in the state, strategically located at the crossroads
of I‐75, Florida’s Turnpike and CSX Rail’s main freight line, making it an ideal location for warehouse
distribution centers. The county offers a targeted cash incentive for new distribution center operations
to capitalize on this central location. This incentive is independent of any state grant funds obtained by
the business unless otherwise stated in the written agreement between Sumter County and the

Incentive Guidelines:

– This industry incentive applies to new businesses in the distribution center or warehousing
industry as specified by the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) and approved
by Sumter County Economic Development as a qualified business.

– A minimum building capital investment of $3,000,000 and a facility greater than 100,000 square
feet within Sumter County, Florida is required.

– The cash incentive is calculated as follows:

– The total payout amount for new distribution center operations is up to 10% of the
company’s building capital investment , not to exceed a maximum of $1,000,000 per year,
for a combined total of $3,000,000 over three years*.

– Payout amounts for the distribution center incentive are paid by the county in three equal
payments as follows:

1. The first payment is processed on the opening day of the facility in the amount of one third (1/3)
of the incentive, provided company received a certificate of occupancy.

2. The second payment is made one year after the first payment is made in the amount of one
third (1/3) of the incentive.

3. The third payment is made one year after the second payment is made in the amount of
one third (1/3) of the incentive.

– The warehouse distribution incentive is limited to three (3) years and the business must reapply
each year.

– Proof of investment is required before an incentive payment is made to the business in the form
of the Building Permit Application noting the original Declared Value as submitted to Sumter

* The county’s obligation to provide incentive funding is limited based upon the availability, appropriation, and approval of funds in the county’s budget and subject to the terms of the incentive agreement.

Business Data


Highways: I-75; Florida Turnpike; US Hwy 301; SR 44, SR 48, SR 50
Airports: Orlando Intl. (1 hr.), Tampa Intl. (1 hr.) and Leeburg Regional Airport (20 mins.)
Seaports: Deepwater Ports of Tampa (1 hr), Manatee (1.5 hrs.), Jacksonville (2.5 hrs.), Canaveral (2 hrs.) and Miami (4 hrs.)
Rail Service: Industrial rail service by CSX Transportation’s main Eastern Seaboard freight line (S-Line)


● School System “A Rated” for five consecutive years by State Board of Education
● Lake Sumter State College partners with Sumter County Schools and UCF to offer Bachelor’s degrees, vocational certificates and technology diplomas
● Regional campuses of UCF located nearby in Leesburg and Clermont
● USF and UF, both top national research institutions, are an hour away in Tampa and Gainesville respectively

Sumter Strengths


An aggressive local incentive package for targeted industries that includes incentives for manufacturing, distribution and agricultural businesses.

Location, Location, Location

Sumter County is a major, regional transportation hub for Central Florida at the crossroads of Interstate 75, Florida’s Turnpike and CSX’s main freight line, with access to major airports and seaports less than 90 minutes away.

Pro-Business Philosophy

Pro-business county leadership and economic development team with a personal commitment and passion for supporting local businesses.

A Commitment to Business

An Industrial Development Authority whose sole mission is to facilitate business growth and expedite the processing of bonds.

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