Site Ready Sumter County, Florida Program

The Site Ready Sumter County, Florida Program is designed to promote premier sites that are ready for development to make site selection more streamlined and efficient for businesses.

Benefits for Businesses

  • These premier sites offer an attractive solution for companies that are looking to expand, relocate, or start-up rapidly.
  • Allow companies to make quick market decisions instead of spending numerous months on a site search.
  • Simplify the development process and greatly reduce risk by eliminating many of the unknowns.
  • These sites lower development costs and make projects more profitable.

Site Ready Sumter, FL Designation Includes the Following:

  • Defined site location and size
  • Site zoning
  • Site ownership
  • Transportation infrastructure
  • Suitability for industrial development
  • Infrastructure including roads, water/sewer, natural gas, fiber, and electric services
  • Topographical map
  • Phase I Environmental Study Complete

More Information

For more information about the Site Ready Sumter County, Florida Program or to find a premier property that may suit your expansion needs, please reach out to Sumter County Economic Development.