The population of Sumter County has grown steadily over the past decade, fueled primarily by the continuing growth of The Villages® community. The 2020 Census population was 129,752. Sumter County boasted an impressive 42% growth rate for 2010-2019 (EMSI, 2021); making Sumter County one of the fastest growing counties in Florida… again!


The Sumter County labor force increased dramatically between 2015-2020, rising 12.1% (FRED) over the five years. Average annual employment in 2020 across all industries was 36,582 (Jobs EQ). There is a workforce of 1,396,537 (Jobs EQ, 2019) within a 40 minute drive of Sumter County.

Economic Data

Sumter County, Florida is a leading example of sound and verified fiscal responsibility at the local level. Fitch Ratings for 2020 affirmed Sumter County’s Capital Improvement Revenue Bonds with an AA+ rating. Sumter County’s Issuer Default Rating (IDR) is also at AA+.

Fitch also reported that less than 400 local tax-supported jurisdictions in the United States qualify for an AA+ rating. This rating reflects the county’s continued growth and diversification and maintenance of robust financial operations.

Sumter County’s Median HH Income

Sumter County Median Household Income equaled $52,594 in 2017, boasting a 18.1% gain since 2010, and again ranking Sumter County first among Florida counties, this time in the category of Growth of Median Household Income.