Economic Data

Sumter County, Florida is a leading example of sound and verified fiscal responsibility at the local level. Fitch Ratings for 2020 affirmed Sumter County’s Capital Improvement Revenue Bonds with an AA+ rating. Sumter County’s Issuer Default Rating (IDR) is also at AA+.

Fitch also reported that less than 400 local tax-supported jurisdictions in the United States qualify for an AA+ rating. This rating reflects the county’s continued growth and diversification and maintenance of robust financial operations.

Sumter County’s Median HH Income

Sumter County Median Household Income equaled $52,594 in 2017, boasting a 18.1% gain since 2010, and again ranking Sumter County first among Florida counties, this time in the category of Growth of Median Household Income.

Median HH IncomeYear

Sumter County’s Per Capita Income

Per Capita IncomeYear

Sumter County’s Average Wage Level

Average Wage LevelYear

Payroll Growth

According to the latest federal Bureau of Labor Statistics data, all annual payroll in Sumter grew by 28.4 percent to about $1.03 billion over a five-year period that ended in 2016. Sumter’s annual payroll probably grew year over year in 2017 by at least 6 percent, if the federal bureau’s estimates for the first three quarters remain constant through the fourth quarter, which has not been released yet.