County Incentive Programs

Even with Sumter County’s advantages of a low and stable ad valorem tax rate, low debt ratio and proactive business philosophy, you can still enjoy competitive incentives to help make your decision to locate in Sumter County even easier.

Industry Incentives

In an effort to help attract businesses within the targeted industries of manufacturing, distribution, and agriculture, Sumter County adopted target-industry business cash incentives for new and existing companies locating and/or expanding their operations in the county.

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Expedited Permitting

Sumter County has forged unique, innovative partnership agreements with its cities and the State of Florida, and gained broad-gauge, fast-track approval processing on “shovel-ready” development sites.

The county’s site and building permit process can run concurrently in some areas submitted for consideration. Site and building permits can be issued within 21 days due to having the correct entitlements (no legislative hearings- administrative process only) to meet certain land and building requirements.

For further information on how to apply for county incentives, contact Sumter County Economic Development at (352) 689-4400 or email