Best Locations for Entrepreneurs in 2017

Entrepreneurs fuel job creation and economic growth. New businesses’ demand for resources can be a real boon to local businesses such as commercial property managers, suppliers, and B-to-B service providers.

The Villages® community, is among the top five places in the U.S. for entrepreneurs to launch a new business, according to a recent article at, “Best Cities for Young Entrepreneurs 2017.”

Their findings are based on these four important criteria:

  • Growth Rates
  • Educational Attainment
  • Affluence
  • Business Tax Environment

The US Census Bureau ranks The Villages, FL as the fastest growing MSA in the U.S. We are also ranked in the top 10 for educational attainment, and our residents are extremely affluent, boasting an average household income of greater than $92,000 per year, making Sumter County an excellent market for locating your business.

Businesses benefit greatly from both Florida’s and Sumter County’s favorable tax environments. In fact, Sumter County’s pro-business leadership has rolled back taxes for the past 12 consecutive years, while simultaneously expanding public services on a massive scale, garnering us AA and A+ ratings from Dun and Bradstreet, and Fitch Financial Ratings.

This potent combination of growth, wealth, education, and favorable economic conditions bring valuable opportunities to businesses and the resource providers that serve them. Contact us for a no-obligation conversation about how Sumter County can help you take advantage of the wealth of opportunities that exist here in the heart of the Sunshine State.

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